We are the Bitcorati! The Who’s Who In Bitcoin

The word Bitcorati (pronounced “bit-ko-ra-tee”, similar to Technorati) is a hybrid of the words “Bitcoin” and “literati”, and represents the progressive and knowledgeable people who support Bitcoin. Simply put, Bitcorati.com is a global directory and rating system for the people and businesses involved in Bitcoin.

However, Bitcorati is not just another niche directory. A modern and useful directory must attract an active community of supporters and offer more than a simple searchable database. So far, we’re dissatisfied with existing alternatives and based on recent feedback, we know many of you are too! Thus, Bitcorati is a response to demand for quality, professionalism, and thoroughness. We’re creating a global Bitcoin directory that is not only fast and secure, but comprehensive, well maintained and user-friendly. We want Bitcorati to be something people use on a daily basis, happy to join, contribute to, and quick to share with friends and family.

Our mission is to better organize and track information within the rapidly evolving Bitcoin ecosystem. We’re showcasing the key thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, users and businesses who believe in the power of Bitcoin to change the world, and who are doing things to support its future success.


Recent media hype surrounding Bitcoin is both a blessing and a curse. The media and various critics have been quick to point out negative aspects related to Bitcoin, choosing to focus on illicit activity, government regulation, price volatility, and website hacks. This is an area where Bitcorati will help, by offering transparency on the people and business involved in Bitcoin and highlighting what it’s really all about- Freedom! A directory with hundreds of Bitcoin start-ups, thousands of merchants, and hundreds of thousands of users will serve as a valuable resource and help educate people on the merits and legitimacy of Bitcoins.

When the full website goes live in December, Bitcorati.com will help people find, rate and review Bitcoin businesses like never before. It will help Bitcoin businesses build trust, gain positive exposure, and grow. In addition to professional reviews, Bitcorati will use a proprietary algorithm that combines search, social, and on-site metrics to rank the top individuals and businesses in Bitcoin. Fortune has its 500, Forbes has its 400, and soon Bitcoin will have its own ranking lists too!

Are you a part of the Bitcorati? Join today!

We’re now seeking guest bloggers with insights to share, content partners, and ambassadors interested in managing geographic territories within the Bitcorati directory. Let us know if there’s any way we can help. Comments, questions, and feedback are welcomed!

Reach out to us via our contact form or by emailing us at info at bitcorati.com.

About The Author

Profile photo of Ryan Charleston

Ryan is a tech professional with experience in marketing and advertising, research and analytics, business strategy and web development. He left his full-time job at eBay to focus on Bitcoins and his role as founder and CEO of Bitcorati.com and other Bitcoin related projects. Ryan has a strong background in finance and economics from his days as a commercial real estate analyst. His interest in Bitcoins began in September 2012 and has been closely researching and investing in the digital currency ever since!

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