Bitcorati Launches New Bitcoin Forum

The FBI shut down of Silk Road last week has since resulted in a mere hiccup in a continued trend upward for Bitcoin. However, within the community and for many passionately involved in Bitcoin, the hacking and subsequent shut down of was even bigger news.

Although the world’s most popular Bitcoin forum is back online, many have asked about alternatives. Well, ask no more! Originally planned as just a feature of the Bitcorati directory, development on the Bitcorati Bitcoin Forum was accelerated last week and is now live for public use!

Besides, the Bitcoin Foundation manages an internal forum of about 1,000 members and the offers a popular forum with aggregated news and discussions for over 50,000 subscribers.

Although we count ourselves among many who will continue to use other forums, the Bitcorati forum offers a stylish and simple bitcoin forum alternative that is more open, secure and intended for a larger more mainstream audience. Newbies, experts, and everyone in between are welcome.

The Bitcorati Bitcoin Forum prides itself on simplicity, security, openness, and professionalism. We avoid politics, games, annoying .gif animations, VIP gimmicks, and interruptive ads after every comment. If this sounds like your kind of forum, please donate! Your donation goes a long way to ensuring forum integrity and funding projects that help encourage adoption, acceptance, and legitimacy of Bitcoin worldwide. Thank you for your support!

Visit to join the forum.


bitcoin forum

Update: As of January 7, 2014, this bitcoin forum has been fully integrated into!

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