North American Bitcoin Conference (Miami) : Voices of The Bitcorati

As a follow up to our initial video interview series from Las Vegas in December we headed to Miami in January to interview the Bitcorati attending the North American Bitcoin Conference.

Below are 13 new videos from the Miami conference highlighting the thoughts, stories, and ideas from leaders across a variety of disciplines. Listen as they explain their involvement in bitcoins, their insights into the future of bitcoin and why they feel bitcoin is already changing the world for the better!

This Interview Series was inspired by the short, but educational videos produced by Big Think. Yet here at Bitcorati, instead of scientists, physicists and philosophers, the Voices of The Bitcorati interview series promotes the merits of Bitcoin, by highlighting bitcoin thought leadership, and the people and organizations facilitating the usage of bitcoin around the world!

Videos included in this series include:

Bitcorati Interview Series : Anthony Gallippi – Co-Founder & CEO, BitPay

Bitcorati Interview Series : Charles Hoskinson – Core Developer,

Bitcorati Interview Series : Brian Goss – Resident Physician, Radiology

Bitcorati Interview Series : Elizabeth T. Ploshay – Bitcoin Magazine & The Bitcoin Foundation

Bitcorati Interview Series : Taariq Lewis – CEO & Founder,

Bitcorati Interview Series : Jeff Berwick – Editor-In-Chief, The Dollar Vigilante

Bitcorati Interview Series : Tuur Demeester – Editor,

Bitcorati Interview Series : Charles Evans – Finance Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Bitcorati Interview Series : Kenneth Metral – Co-Founder & CEO, Coingig

Bitcorati Interview Series : Sean Emmanuel – CEO, Bitcoin Intel

Bitcorati Interview Series : Jeffrey Tucker – CEO,

Bitcorati Interview Series : Gabriel Abed – Co-Founder & CEO, Koblitz Group

Bitcorati Interview Series : Jonathan Mohan – Co-Founder, Bitcoin NYC

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About The Author

Profile photo of Ryan Charleston

Ryan is a tech professional with experience in marketing and advertising, research and analytics, business strategy and web development. He left his full-time job at eBay to focus on Bitcoins and his role as founder and CEO of and other Bitcoin related projects. Ryan has a strong background in finance and economics from his days as a commercial real estate analyst. His interest in Bitcoins began in September 2012 and has been closely researching and investing in the digital currency ever since!

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