A New Bitcoin Forum Integrated Into Bitcorati.com

Today, Bitcorati rolled out a new and fully integrated Bitcoin forum into Bitcorati.com. Members of the bitcoin community, those who would like to join, those we proudly call the bitcorati, have new place to talk about anything and everything related to Bitcoins!

Last October one of the most popular bitcoin forums, Bitcointalk.org was hacked and subsequently shut down for a week! BitcoinTalk.org is back online and has grown to over 250,000 registered users, yet many have demanded an alternative. The Bitcoin Foundation also manages its internal forum with 1,368 members and the Reddit.com/r/bitcoin subreddit aggregates bitcoin news from its 100,000+ subscribers, but there’s still something missing.

Feedback we received from people outside of the core bitcoin community shows strong demand for a bitcoin forum with a better, cleaner user interface, one that is more inviting to the average person and offers a better user experience. Bitcorati now satisfies this demand by offering a simple yet stylish bitcoin forum that is open, secure and attractive to a larger mainstream audience.

If you’re not already a member, join the Bitcorati today and visit our new Bitcoin forum!

About The Author

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Ryan is a tech professional with experience in marketing and advertising, research and analytics, business strategy and web development. He left his full-time job at eBay to focus on Bitcoins and his role as founder and CEO of Bitcorati.com and other Bitcoin related projects. Ryan has a strong background in finance and economics from his days as a commercial real estate analyst. His interest in Bitcoins began in September 2012 and has been closely researching and investing in the digital currency ever since!

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