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As of August 1, 2014,, its established Delaware C-Corp (Bitcorati, Inc.) and all associated assets are officially being offered for sale.

For more details or to make an offer please contact Ryan Charleston at sales at bitcorati dot com.

A Brief History

The original idea behind Bitcorati was to build a professional Bitcoin business and merchant directory with reviews and ratings. Bitcorati was initially described as the “Yelp for Bitcoin.” At sufficient scale, Bitcorati was expected to generate revenue via advertising, marketing services, premium memberships and business listings. There appeared to be significant demand for this idea at the time of conception, but the digital currency space changed dramatically over the past 18 months thus requiring a pivot.

In early 2014 Bitcorati shifted gears to focus exclusively on developing a professional ratings system for Bitcoin based businesses. With a new focus on data, research, and analytics, Bitcorati would earn revenue through consulting fees, subscriptions, data licensing and research reports. Although this was a noble direction for the company, along with a 3rd option to make it an SaaS platform for Bitcoin business intelligence, my funds had unfortunately run dry. It was too little too late. After missing my funding deadline on April 30, 2014, I was force to cease efforts in promoting and growing the business.

Although I still believe in Bitcoin and the potential for Bitcorati to be a successful and profitable business, I’ve humbly decided to pass this opportunity on to whomever can recognize its potential, is willing and capable of executing a new business plan, and interested in claiming the remaining assets of the company.

Progress & Traction

Since September 2012 I’ve spent thousands of hours learning about Bitcoin, researching its technical aspects, the potential of crypto currencies and block chain based technologies, investing in Bitcoin, and tracking its rapidly evolving ecosystem. From July 2013 through April 2014 I was interviewed by various industry media sources regarding Bitcorati as listed below…

Brand Equity & Exposure

  • Bitcorati was the 13th Industry member of the Bitcoin Foundation (Backlink still active at
  • Bitcorati had exposure at 6 Bitcoin conferences (San Jose, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York twice from May 2013 – April 2014).
  • Bitcorati produced 2 popular video interview series at the Las Vegas and Miami Bitcoin conferences.
  • Bitcorati maintained an active website with a clean, modern UI/UX built on a self-hosted custom WordPress theme.

Existing Online Presence

Google Analytics – Last 12 Months (August 2013 – July 2014)

Month | MUV’s | Pageviews

  • Aug-13 | 353 | 524
  • Sep-13 | 610 | 1,098
  • Oct-13 | 8,460 | 11,954
  • Nov-13 | 35,497 | 46,381
  • Dec-13 | 7,342 | 11,805
  • Jan-14 | 5,833 | 20,564
  • Feb-14 | 3,829 | 12,401
  • Mar-14 | 3,322 | 11,414
  • Apr-14 | 1,940 | 8,300
  • May-14 | 1,672 | 5,979
  • Jun-14 | 1,199 | 3,265
  • Jul-14 | 1,024 | 2,197

As Bitcorati’s Founder and CEO, I have now moved on to pursue work as a marketing and business development consultant while exploring full-time employment opportunities.

Thank you to all those that supported me and Bitcorati over the past 18 months. I look forward speaking to those interested in purchasing Bitcorati and writing the next chapter in its history!

And of course I will accept Bitcoins as a method of payment! Ripples and Litecoins too!


Ryan Charleston

About The Author

Profile photo of Ryan Charleston

Ryan is a tech professional with experience in marketing and advertising, research and analytics, business strategy and web development. He left his full-time job at eBay to focus on Bitcoins and his role as founder and CEO of and other Bitcoin related projects. Ryan has a strong background in finance and economics from his days as a commercial real estate analyst. His interest in Bitcoins began in September 2012 and has been closely researching and investing in the digital currency ever since!

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  1. Jouko Salonen

    Quite a journey Ryan, must have been an experience – congratulations for that. I am sure that this decision is a beginning for something interesting.

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