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TRADE BITCOIN WITH A SINGLE CLICK is used by thousands of traders to enter short or long Bitcoin
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ERIC/ So what is BTC.SX? What exactly do BTC.SX do?

     We are a bitcoin trading platform. With, you can use leverage to        make trades on the order books of multiple exchanges. Unlike other          platforms that use contracts or betting, your trades are actually executed on  the exchange’s order book. This allows you to move the market and obtain a  reasonable price position during highly volatile periods.


ERIC/ Josh, how did you get into bitcoins? How did you get into BTC.SX ?

A friend introduced Reddit to me back in 2012. I signed up and shortly afterwards I started to hear about Bitcoin. As I was interested in technology and finance, I did more reading and research about Bitcoin. I was fascinated by the concept of a new protocol that could change the world on the same scale as the internet.

In my working life I am a marketer. I began my career working at Nissan and then Bentley in marketing. However, I could see that the Bitcoin industry had a shortage of marketers. I decided to plug this skill gap by launching a Bitcoin marketing agency – we were focused on helping only Bitcoin startups. I met at an Inside Bitcoins conference and learnt they also wanted marketing assistance. They preferred to hire me as Chief Marketing Officer, rather than as an external agency, and I was happy to accept their job offer.

ERIC/ Josh can tell us little about yourself? ( small biography )

I am currently Chief Marketing Officer of In my past roles I have been Managing Director of a Bitcoin marketing agency and worked in marketing roles at Nissan and Bentley. I also graduated from Aston Business School, majoring in marketing. When I am not working or trading bitcoin on our platform, I enjoy running, driving cars and listening to music.

ERIC/ If USA goes through with excess Government regulations on bitcoin and crypto currency companies do you feel shift for innovation will move to another country such as UK or Singapore? If so, which country would innovate more than USA in regards to BTC in your viewpoint?

Innovation will absolutely move to another country. One only has to look at the huge number of corporations that are incorporated in low tax countries to see that businesses will move to where regulation/laws are most favourable. In Bitcoin’s case, startups are driving innovation; therefore, innovation will move to where Bitcoin startups are located.

I think that the UK may become a ‘Bitcoin Hub’. While UK banks are still uncooperative, the Government and Bank of England, have been open-minded about Bitcoin. London also has an active tech and finance scene, whereas San Francisco is predominately tech-focused and New York predominately a financial centre.

ERIC/ What makes BTC.SX so unique compared to many bitcoin companies out there ? is a bitcoin trading platform, which is quite different from the usual bitcoin exchange. Firstly, we are a bitcoin-only platform, which allows any bitcoiner use our services. With, you can use leverage to make trades on the order books of multiple exchanges. Unlike other platforms that use contracts or betting, your trades are actually executed on the exchange’s order book. This allows you to move markets and have greater influence with leverage.

We are also highly reliable and reputable. We frequently receive positive feedback on the stability of our platform during volatile periods, which is vital for bitcoin trading. Our primary goal is safe-guarding our clients’ funds. This means that a user can never lose more than they deposit.

ERIC/ What’s advantage among BTC start-up competition?

I would say our biggest advantage is our highly experienced team. Our team includes an investment bank developer that turned $100 into $200,000 trading bitcoin, a former Wall Street Portfolio Manager, and a former Vice President of an investment bank. This highlights just a few of our team. Overall, we combine a passion for Bitcoin with the experience of the traditional financial sector.

ERIC/ What’s typical day or week for BTC.SX in terms of tasks and goals ?

While each week is quite different for each team member, there are two priorities that never change. Firstly, ensuring the safety of our clients’ funds is of most importance. Secondly, we continue to make continuous improvements to our trading platform. Instead of rolling out major updates, our developers are always adding new features, exchanges or updating code.

ERIC/ Do you believe bitcoin industry can survive alone going forward or will it intergrate with old money industry ( credit cards, banks, wire transfers..etc) ?

I believe that Bitcoin can survive without the traditional financial sector, but only in a very limited capacity. If Bitcoin is to ‘go mainstream’ then it must integrate with old money. I personally see Bitcoin is a great back-end system, but credit cards, banks and paper money are easy-to-use front-end systems. If the friction between exchanging bitcoin and fiat currency continues to fall, then it is very likely we will start seeing mainstream use cases, most likely in remittances.

ERIC/ Who are team members that makeup now at this stage ? How did the team form or meet ?

Joseph Lee – Founder and CEO

George Samman – Co-Founder and COO

Vincent Hoong – Co-Founder and CFO

James Turner – CTO

Kwok Man – Customer Engagement

Colin Kwan – Chief of Product Management and Operations

Sergio Rodriguez – Lead Developer

Josh Blatchford – CMO

Each team member joined in a unique way. However most members have previously worked with each other, attended the same university or met a conference.

ERIC/ Who have been helpful or instrumental in terms of mentorship , guidance , investing , or evanlegcial fan promoting BTC.SX?

Seedcoin, and their Co-founder and Chief Startup Officer Eddy Travia, have been a huge help to us. Besides just providing us with seed funding, Eddy’s advice and guidance has been priceless. Eddy continues to play a pivotal role as a strategic advisor, aiding us with long-term planning. Another key individual to thank is Melissa Craig, for her invaluable advice an expertise in startup growth, advisory, and executive advisory.

ERIC/ Tell Bitcorati members what is BTC.SX , short and long term goals ?

Our short-term goals are to update the trading UI, which has been a major focus for us this December. Already we have introduced a breakeven calculator and a more detailed profit and loss statement. Our long-term goals are to increase the amount of traders using our platform.

ERIC/ Any plans for more overseas expansion ? like say Russia?

As a bitcoin-only trading platform, our services can be used by anyone that owns bitcoin. We currently support simplified Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Polish. More languages are being added over-time to increase the accessibility of our platform.

ERIC/ Tell us about some of your fantastic products and services ?

We are a bitcoin trading platform. The key benefits of using are:

1) Trade with 2:1, 5:1 or 20:1 leverage

2) Sell limits and regular or trailing stops

3) No subscription, deposit or withdrawal fees

4) Trade on three different exchanges from one account

5) All orders actually go through supported exchanges. Unlike exchanges that use contracts for betting, your trades are executed on the exchanges’ order books. This allows you to move the market and obtain a reasonable price position during highly volatile periods.

ERIC/ Tell us about some difficulties or headaches you had working at BTC.SX ?

As CMO, a difficulty I have is explaining that we are not an exchange. Rather, we are a platform that allows users to trade on multiple exchanges from one account, using leverage to increase their potential gains.

ERIC / Tell us some of your happiness and joy working at BTC.SX ?

I am most happy at is when I see others recommending our platform. It is great to see traders happy with our platform and sharing this with others.

ERIC/ What are some smart and innovated business choices that BTC.SX has made ?

As a bitcoin only trading platform, we do not have deposits or withdrawals in fiat. This means that we have less regulatory pressure because we are not classified as money transmitter. We can also accept deposits from around the world with minimal fees.

ERIC/ Does BTC.SX have a mobile app?

No we do not have a mobile app.

ERIC/ Josh, Thank you again for your time

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