Bookwithbit Founder Talks Bitcoin and Why You Should Spend It at a Hotel

Bookwithbit is a new service made by a hotel owner for hotel owners. Everyone remembers when Cheapair started accepting Bitcoin, right? Here at Bitcorati, we like to root for the underdog. Bookwithbit has been around for some time, but has not had the marketing budget to compete with Expedia and Cheapair. Instead, owner Kalpesh Patel hopes that Bitcoin users will discover his product and passion for Bitcoin. Hotel owners that want to accept Bitcoin themselves and benefit from having a full Bitcoin node might end up with a 21 inc Bitcoin Computer, or a self made alternative.

Bitcoin Interview with Kalpesh Patel

How does BookwithBit differ from other sites that accept Bitcoin, like Expedia?

We are different than Expedia in many ways. We offer a newer way to entice users to book a hotel room with features like ”Instant Counter offer, Group Booking, Stay more and save more, and Split payment with Group.” Most importantly, we are a community based website and our commission is only 10%. Also, the hotel is not subject to pay to process the payment like they do with Expedia at the moment. The hotel will receive the payment in BITCOIN or in fiat ( which will cost extra depending on bank requirements)

Why did you decide to start BookwithBit?

I wanted to do something for bitcoin when I learned about BITCOIN. I think it has good features that will create real freedom for humanity because I believe that freedom with finance creates real freedom. I am in the hotel business and when I found out that accepting BITCOIN as a payment does not cost anything, I wanted to accept the bitcoin for our two motels but my then webmaster declined the idea so I was looking for another platform where I can add my hotel so we would be able to accept BITCOIN.I could not find one so I decided to build a platform so hotel owners like me can add their hotel and able to accept bitcoin and start saving money on their bottom line.

What kind of fees, charges, and negotiations happen between hotel owners and sites like BookwithBit or Expedia that the average user might not know about?

We charge only 10% commission for each booking that we are going to send to the hotels from our website. 2% our revenue will be donated to an early child education fund because I believe education make people more wise. In comparison, Expedia’s commission is higher than us at 15%. Then, the hotel has to pay for processing the payment so that runs between 3% to 4.5% depend on the credit card.

Does BookwithBit have plans to accept other digital currencies?

No, at the moment we are not seeing any other altcoin with as much of a user base or market at this time. Over time, we might create our own digital currency.

Do you think that those living outside of the “first world” have different motivations for pursuing the furtherance of digital currencies and decentralization?

Yes. Bitcoin has a good chance to get adopted faster in developing countries than in developed countries. Many people in developing countries are not connected to banks or the current finance system because it is not available to them. Bitcoin make it easy for people to store the value in a digital way rather than keeping or storing fiat.

How has the advent of Bitcoin personally helped your life?
It has not helped me any way at the moment, but I like to help others with Bitcoin to create real freedom for the people of world.

How has the world been changed by blockchain technology?

World will change faster because of blockchain technology and hopefully bring some humanity back on earth – which we are seeing is missing from the current system. Blockchain technology will allow the people of world to get connected and build trust. So that we are not bound to any country, any religion, or anything like that. We will see humans as a human first and everything else secondly. Blockchain technology will allow the world to come together without having to trust the centralize authorities like banks, governments, or anything.

What is your favorite quote?

Be Equal. Be Fair. Truth is bitter, but it is better

When and how did you first hear about Bitcoin?

I first heard of Bitcoin online in 2012 but I did not give attention to it. I did not go in deep until 2013.

What is one thing that you’ve always wanted to tell the cryptocurrency community?

Think, play, and keep in the mind why the Bitcoin was born.

Image from Bookwithbit.

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