Announcing the First Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering

Some say that you don’t really learn something until you learn it in a class. Alternatively, you don’t really learn something until you’ve experienced it in real life. Whatever the case is, a center for learning that focuses on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others would be a welcome sign of success in this fledgling industry. Today, we have news of just that happening in one of the historical financial capitals of the world.

London Gets A Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering

The Imperial College of London, one of the world’s top institutes of technological learning, has recently revealed the creation of a Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering. This Centre is the result of the university’s efforts to explore Bitcoin and the blockchain technology. They announced the Centre in their summer newsletter. The announcement stated:

“With an overwhelming response from staff and students, the Centre will now coordinate research grants directed at designing and engineering improvements to the protocols that underpin blockchain technology. It will also coordinate application-based funding directed at prototyping chain-based solutions across multiple domains.”

The first director of the Centre, the University’s Computing Department’s Professor William Knottenbelt, commented to CoinDesk:

“We intend to focus on two areas: first, conducting research directed at designing and engineering improvements to the protocols underpinning blockchain technology,” he continued. “Second, exploring novel blockchain-based applications across mulitple domains. We look forward to considerably broadening our industrial and academic collaborations through the activities of this new centre.”

Bitcoin As A Growing Area of Study

Bitcoin has become a course of study at many universities over the last couple of years. Currently, there is a course at my alma mater: The University of Virginia. Other universities that have cryptocurrency courses include MIT, Duke, a few local community colleges, and notably the University of Nicosia. The University of Nicosia has a full Master’s of Science degree in digital currency.

Whether students are studying Bitcoin itself or the blockchain technology as a whole, the fact that digital currency education exists is a testament to salience of this technology. A growing education path is usually accompanied by a burgeoning job industry. In the case of the Bitcoin-spawned digital currency industry, this is most certainly true. Already, in 6 years since Bitcoin’s release, there has been more VC money poured into Bitcoin and blockchain companies than was ever put up for the Internet in its early days. Whether or not we are in for a rehash of the dot com bubble, as some are interpreting for the present or predicting for the future, remains to be seen. Even in the case of that spectacular bubble, the technology developed and changed the world.

Just like there are now hundreds of computer science centers around the world… expect the number of cryptocurrency research and engineering centers, both for profit and non profit, to increase in the coming years.

Disclosure: Caleb is a student at the University of Nicosia’s MSc in Digital Currency program

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