• Eric asked a new question: Game Theory In CC Trading 2 years, 6 months ago

    Sean Donato on: November 13, 2014 at 5:30 am #7980 A lot of people when thinking of trading/daytrading/exchanging/arb think of MBA, business degrees, wall street. It’s safe to say this will go a long way. It’s been my experience that the best traders in any exchange, with maybe the exception will be those with a deep understanding of Macro-Econ and/or plain old behavioral Psy. We’ll take for example the recent run up of XCP, here as in the case of DRK and LITE a while back, we have a situation where there is a run up on news. The best outcome we could all have is to hold, classic prisoners dilemma, instead often you’ll see a reverse in emotion where a steep sell order yacks 10% of price and people panic –> sell –> panic —> sell. In a market where pump and dump is not punishable by prison, you will find this every time. Solution… Not much of one, but on the upside watch for trend breaks, if you see a rise past a past double top / resistance area on high volume than it’s likely some people know something you don’t. Build your position starting at this point. Watch for double tops & Doji’s and watch, like a hawk, the sell orders on the trading site of choice. If you see a 65 BTC sell wall somewhere, know that this will move price. Hedge out just below and wait for further info. Besides that, if you haven’t already, study game theory and read books such, “Games People Play.” Happy trading and thanks for reading. Also, remember to do unto crypto as you would like crypto to do unto you. Cheers -Sean Donato


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