Decentralized Autonomous Society Meetup #1 – January 10, 2014

Posted on : January 8, 2015
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Posted by : Sachin Mohan
Tags : Decentralized Autonomous Society Meetup, Live broadcast
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Scheduled for Jan 10, 2015
Live video broadcast of the very first Decentralized Autonomous Society Meetup in Palo Alto, California. Presenting: “The Philosophy of Autonomy” by Joel Dietz, co-founder DAS, SWARM – Texture, co-founder DAS, Ethereum – Vitalik, founder Ethereum – Eric Smalls, founder MANNA – Paige Peterson, Maidsafe…
In Palo Alto in the early 1990s were born the first stirrings of cryptogovernment, something that eventually evolved into Bitcoin. Today, we enter the second stage of that revolution, human freedom empowered by blockchain technology.

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