OKCoin “Fake” Volume, Institutional Activity & Bitcoin.com Acquisition – WCRadio 06

Posted on : January 8, 2015
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Posted by : Sachin Mohan
Tags : Live Hangout, December 2014, OKCoin
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We will have a full cast from OKCoin with Zane (Manager of Inter. Ops), & CZ (CTO), talking new feature rollouts, suggestions, & improvements with the panel.

As traders we want the most advanced tools and features of a seamless trading platform at our fingertips — this is as close to ground level we can get to reach directly into a fast growing start-up exchange and realize the gains of our input as a trader community.


Fake Volume followed by Colocation / front running accusations: http://youtu.be/e8B_5-ZaC5s?t=20m9s

Aquiring Bitcoin.com: http://youtu.be/e8B_5-ZaC5s?t=1h12m55s

Bitinvest ask about their role in the international market & market share; http://youtu.be/e8B_5-ZaC5s?t=1h16m58s

Whale Club — BTC Trader Squawk Box on Team Speak:

Here’s the instructions to get set up

To connect to teamspeak enter server: desticraft.fr:9988



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Flibbr: https://twitter.com/flibbr.

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