The Weight and Mechanism – Let’s Talk Bitcoin! Episode 179

Posted on : January 21, 2015
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Posted by : Sachin Mohan
Tags : Let's Talk Bitcoin, Preston Byrne and Casey Kuhlman, Eris Industries, Distributed Application Server, Thelonious, EPM - The Smart Contract Package Manager
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Adam and Andreas speak with Preston Byrne and Casey Kuhlman about Eris Industries on its work.

The Distributed Application Server
The Decerver is the application server for our Distributed Application Software Stack. Using the Decerver, developers can build distributed applications which easily interact with a diverse set of blockchain and peer-to-peer protocols, all of which have been harmonized in an interactive layer that can be accessed via a JavaScript runtime. The Decerver empowers blockchain technology to become usable in a fully legally-compliant context for the first time.

Learn More About the Decerver

The Makers’ Blockchain Design

Thelonious is Eris Industries’ customizable, smart-contract enabled, smart-contract controlled blockchain design and one component of our Distributed Application Software Stack. Derived from the Ethereum protocol, but built to meet differing design goals, Thelonious gives developers the control to define their own state-of-the-art blockchain. Thelonious is not meant to be one blockchain, but millions of them, each made for specific applications.

Learn More About Thelonious

The Smart Contract Package Manager

The Eris Package Manager allows smart contract developers to deploy and test packages of smart contracts to their blockchains, and interact with them once deployed. EPM is both a tool for smart contracts and for blockchain management. It is the first developer tool explicitly built for our Distributed Application Software Stack and can be most easily analogized as git, but for blockchains.

Learn More About EPM

Putting the Contract Into Smart Contract

The Eris Legal Markdown system is the backbone of the Distributed Application Software Stack’s legal compliance strategy. When combined with EPM and the Decerver, ELM provides an ability to link real world contractual provisions to smart contract architecture so that users will be able to benefit from the enforceability of real world contracts as well as the automation of smart contract frameworks.

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