Tipping: The Future of Micropayments

Posted on : January 6, 2015
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Posted by : Sachin Mohan
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Every day, we come across online content that we LOVE.

We ‘like’ it, and we ‘share’ it, but sometimes, that just doesn’t feel like enough.

We want to do MORE for the people who create for us. To show them that we love it. To let them know how excited we are about their work, and connect with them directly in a way that shows our appreciation for their efforts.

Social tipping using bitcoin is a revolutionary new phenomenon, which powers appreciation online. For the first time ever, we can now send small amounts of money (tips) to anyone, anywhere, over the Internet.

Whether it’s a for a moving blog post, a funny cat picture, incredible live streaming from world events, a powerful new song, or just to say “hey!”, social tipping powers appreciation online.

When you find that a ‘Like’ isn’t enough, use the ‘Love’ button for the Internet.

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Bitcoin enthusiast. Invested in Bitcorati.com to organically scale, diversify and globalize to help achieve the original vision.

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