Trace Mayer: Bitcoin Technology Extremely Disruptive To Many Industries Going Fo

Posted on : January 14, 2015
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Posted by : Sachin Mohan
Tags : Bitcoin Technology Review, 2015
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Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on lawyer, accountant, blogger, author of the Great Credit Contraction, financial expert, monetary scientist, Bitcoin investor and Bitcoin entrepreneur, Trace Mayer / in this wide ranging, hour long discussion on Bitcoin, virtual currencies, technology, forceful governments and the future of innovation.

Jason starts off the interview asking Trace about the adoption of Bitcoin by and how large eCommerce and technology companies like Apple, Google, ebay, Amazon, etc are now coming out with positive comments about Bitcoin and virtual currency technology.

This interview talks a lot about Bitcoin, the technological problems the block chain has solved (Byzantine General’s problem), and Trace and Jason talk about a lot of other potentially disruptive technologies that are coming in the next few decades.

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